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Renaissance helps support me to become healthy!

When you are profoundly deaf and you also have a mild intellectual disability it may seem that your future is fairly limited to staying at home or going to work with your mother so that she could be near to you. Or does it? Destiny’s pathway took a different direction for Catherine Broughton when she decided to take on the Supported Living option offered by the Renaissance Group. Just over three years ago Catherine met with a coordinator from the Renaissance Group and decided the goals she wanted to set for herself in the foreseeable future. This process of setting goals, by the client, is a vital part of the strategy of Supported Living. To achieve any form of independence requires goals to be set and tasks decided upon to help achieve them and most essentially these goals must be set by the client. The Supported Living Philosophy is to help and assist clients achieve their own goals in their own time.

Writing a Supported Living Plan for Catherine was even more unique as she could only communicate through sign language, lip reading and writing notes. However the plan was written and the goals established.

Three years later Catherine’s journey down the pathway of Supported Living has resulted in her getting out and about in the community and doing things she thought impossible a short time ago. It took just one journey with her Supported Living Facilitator to gain the confidence and learn how to travel on the public transport bus network.

These days Catherine’s life is a busy one, far too busy to sit at home or go to work with her mother! She has joined a gym and goes three times a week, enjoys bowling and she also helps feed the horses at Ambury Park. Feeding the horses has also given her the opportunity to set another goal and that is to be able to ride these horses one day.

With the guidance of her Supported Living Facilitator Catherine is learning about healthier eating as another goal is to lose some weight. Catherine’s Supported Living Facilitator comments on her growing confidence and the willingness to take on more activities in which she has shown an interest.

The final word goes to Catherine herself when she was asked what she liked about receiving support from the Renaissance Group, “ I like the people, they are like friends and it is better than going to mum’s work, but I like being at home a bit of the time”!