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Having support is wonderful.

Watching a Television Programme with her parents back in 2004 was the key to a lifestyle changing decision for Rebecca Rabbits. The programme was about the Renaissance Group and how they used the Supported Living Philosophy to assist people with disabilities to live the lifestyle of their choice.

To Rebecca and her parents the Supported Living model was just what they had been looking for to assist Rebecca achieve her goals in life. Prior to discovering the Supported Living option life it was difficult for Rebecca, “I hardly had any money and didn’t have many support systems in place”.

Simple things like support with grocery shopping were a boon to Rebecca, having a Supported Living Facilitator to discuss issues with and just having someone there when needed were all part of the process.

The Renaissance Group’s Supported Living Philosophy is based around the setting of goals by the client. Doing things for clients is not part of the process; the Facilitators work alongside people like Rebecca to guide and mentor them through the struggles they have towards living a more independent lifestyle. In Rebecca’s case the struggles she had to overcome were many but recognising what they were and how to cope with them was a success story in itself.

In 2006 Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she named Olivia. “Having my Supported Living Facilitator around to act as a sounding board was important in helping me cope with my daughter” Rebecca recalls.

Having the support of the Renaissance Group is not vital to Rebecca’s life these days as she is capable of doing things for herself, but when her parents went overseas for a holiday recently she really appreciated having someone she could turn to for support if needed.

So what does it mean for Rebecca receiving support from the Renaissance Group? “Well just having people around as a support is wonderful,” she said, “I am capable of doing things for myself, but if I didn’t have the team from the Renaissance Group in my life I would miss them as they are a big sounding board for me”.