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Now I enjoy my mum as a mum.

Todd Robertson is a very independent person who lives such a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to keep up with what he’s doing at any one time! What a difference from his lifestyle of three years ago when he was heavily relying on mum. Now as Todd says, “I can now enjoy her more as mum than a support person”. The answer to this amazing change is Todd has been receiving the support of the Supported Living Team from the Renaissance Group since 2006.

Todd is an interesting person who is continually coming up with new plans and ideas that he wants to be involved with, so calls in his Supported Living Facilitator. They talk about the latest idea that Todd has, he then asks for any support he feels he might need and then goes ahead and does it! What a great attitude.

During his first meetings with the Renaissance Supported Living Coordinator it was clear that Todd’s first major goal was to live independently. With the help and guidance of his Supported Living Facilitator he moved and now lives independently in his one bedroom flat. How good is that? Holding down a job for over two years now has been a great boost to Todd’s confidence and commitment. His employer has given him extra responsibilities and is happy to encourage and enhance his growth.

This is a person who has not allowed his mild intellectual disability combined with cerebral impairment and epilepsy to prevent him living a full life. As his Supported Living Facilitator

says, ”At times I can’t keep up with him he’s so busy, going skiing at Snow Planet, checking out horse riding and lately taking up golf!”

Recognising the triggers that could bring on an attack of epilepsy has been another achievement. One of these triggers is the lights while driving at night, yes Todd also has his driving licence; the solution Todd has to this problem is that he only drives during the day. To date he has been free of seizures for five years.

Since he has had the support of the Renaissance Group Todd is doing so much more with his life and is certainly confident enough to meet the challenges of daily life.