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If anything goes wrong, all I do is give Renaissance a call.


Alan Hamilton has been a Renaissance Group client for many years. With no family in the Auckland region, Alan, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has managed to work his way towards greater self-reliance by reducing the amount of support he receives through Renaissance from 44 hours a week, down to just 12.

This is a remarkable achievement for a man who clearly values his independence, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Originally Alan was living in a residential facility, however, with the help of the Renaissance team he was able to move into his own Housing New Zealand home within the community, where he has been living happily for the last eight years.

When asked about the services Renaissance provides, Alan said, “I get proper support and without them I cannot even fill out my own forms – for example any application forms from Housing New Zealand or WINZ. They’ve also given me a bit of assistance at the doctors. I would not be able to manage or cope if Renaissance was not in my life.”

Alan enjoys a busy lifestyle, with many hobbies and interests. He participates in athletics, basketball, Christian fellowship for the disabled, and he’s also keen on painting and playing guitar at a weekly jam session.

His most recent activity is tending a community garden plot at the Manukau Garden Teaching Group, something he gets great pleasure from. Here Alan has learnt about the different vegetable varieties, how to grow and look after them, and the best of all, he gets to take his produce home to cook and eat, which he says is “very nice”.

Alan says ”if anything crops up or anything goes wrong and I find myself in a crisis, all I do is pick up the phone and give Renaissance a call”.  He’s also learnt that taking a deep breath and going for a nice long walk helps too.