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My amazing journey……….so far.

Hi, my name is Rachel George and I am 28 years old.  I have been with Renaissance for a couple of years now and my life has really changed in some amazing ways.  When I started, some people would have described me as shy.  A few of my main goals were to become active in my community, make friends and be healthier.
We started out walking to a community centre where I was involved in art classes and Zumba.  I walked slowly and got tired easily.  I enjoyed the art classes and am still involved in various projects from time to time, but it was the Zumba that really sparked my interest.  Little did I know that Renaissance and I were starting on a path to some major changes in my life!
I found that I really love Zumba.  Even though I don’t like ‘exercising’, I found this was more like being at a dance party.  It is great fun.  When I moved to a new community on of the first things I wanted to do was find another Zumba class.  Now I am fit and healthy.  I ho to Zumba two or three times a week and eat healthier.  Even though I sometimes have trouble with reme4mbering other things, I can remember dozens of Zumba routines.  I have been able to perform individually for community groups and preschools, and in other public group performances.  Ready for the really big news?  I’m an instructor now!

I teach my own class as well as helping with some other classes.  I recently finished a training course to be certified.  I am very proud of myself.
Not only am I fit and have more energy, I’m also much more confident.  I have heaps of friends now.  My dad is amazed how many people know me and talk to me when we go to the town centre.  My friends aren’t just from Zumba, but that is what increased my confidence to help me make friends other places as well.