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Underpinning the Supported living Service is the New Zealand Disability Strategy vision of a “fully inclusive society where people will be integrated into community life on their own terms, their abilities will be valued, their diversity and interdependence will be recognised, and their human rights will be protected”.

Supported Living provides individualised support for people with disabilities, enabling them to live in their own home, participate and be included in their community, take control of their lives, and be able to choose their own life path.

The supports are designed to be flexible and may decrease or increase as individual needs change. As a person learns new skills, he or she may require less support. However, at times factors such as deteriorating health, ageing, or an increased need for medication or behavioural support might require that support to be increased.

Our Supported Living service is guided by the following principles:

The purpose of the Supported Living service:

Supported Living is an outcome focussed service to enable a person to become more independent in everyday life, with an aim to increase an individual’s ability to live independently in the community in a safe and responsible manner, with the supports decreasing as the person learns new skills, gains confidence and relies less on formal support and more on their own abilities.

Supported Living is beneficial for individual with a disability who:

Renaissance Supported Living service can assist clients with:

  1. Natural Supports
  1. Skills
  1. Transition Arrangements
  1. Personal Well-being
  1. Community Participation

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