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Celebrating 10 Years with Renaissance

December 7th, 2015

Julie  is one of our highly valued Supported Living Facilitators (SLF) at Renaissance Group.  Being with us since 2005, Julie is our very first employee to make it to the 10 year mark and continues to stride forward with unrelenting passion and commitment.

Julie admires the services that Renaissance Group has to offer, to support people with disabilities on their quest to become independent to the best of their abilities.  She says “I like Renaissance Group’s philosophy – the clients have the choice.  Renaissance Group supports people to make their own decisions, motivate and prompt them to make decisions and do things themselves.”

Julie loves her work as “No two clients are the same”.  Although there are days where she faces  challenges, Julie does her best to resolve the problem in a respectable manner.  As she explains, a good SLF is honest, has integrity and “have respect for individuality”.  Some of her most rewarding moments include supporting several of her clients with lottery grants and assisting them to reach their desired goals.  Julie enjoys being part of peoples’ journey to be independent “I am very proud of them; seeing them achieving their goals, because sometimes the goal may seem very difficult to achieve.”

With almost 20 years of experience behind her, Julie brings a wide range of knowledge and understanding to her role.  This does not stop her from continuing her learning.  She states “You can never stop learning – there are always new ways and means.  Things change, society changes.  Sometimes it’s challenging but its something new, there are new ideas.”  Julie also received the SLF Award this year for the enormous effort and dedication she brings to her role. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, putting the clients first, having great communication with management and being flexible.

Julie has the upmost respect for Renaissance Group and the services provided. The team at Renaissance Group is focussed to motivate people with disabilities to be citizens within their community– to participate and be involved. “We encourage people to live as independently as possible”. Julie hopes to see the organisation expand nationally one day.  She says Renaissance Group “has made me appreciate who I am and my life.  I absolutely love working for Renaissance Group.”