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Radio Gaga

Mel Jones (producer) and Josh Hastings (presenter) have been the driving force among the team of Radio Gaga presenters since the inception of the show.

‘It’s been a really good experience for me,’ Hastings says.

Every presenter lives with a disability and this is the foundation that makes Radio Gaga supreme. Usually disabled people’s voices are unheard on mainstream radio. Radio Gaga is breaking stereotypes and giving people with disabilities a self-directed environment to be heard.

‘I’ve got a lot of confidence out of it and I’ve learned a lot about different disabilities which has made me more understanding of all kinds of people,’ Hastings said.

Renaissance Group founded Radio Gaga in October 2016. The show is dedicated to raising awareness about disability. Show presenters encourage listeners to live a fulfilling life by sharing their
experiences as disabled people by showcasing their hobbies, talents and abilities.

Hastings explains, ‘I was scared when I started but now I’m honoured to be a part of making a difference for others. Disabled people are invited to join the radio show to find out for themselves
what they can learn and get out of being on the radio’.

Renaissance sponsors Radio Gaga, a programme that is 100 percent produced and presented by people with disabilities.

Radio Gaga is aired every Wednesday at 1 pm on 104.6fm Auckland.