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Entering Our Service


Renaissance is contracted to the Ministry of Health to deliver Supported Living services in the greater Auckland region and Choices in Community Living in the greater Auckland and Waikato region.  We support individuals with intellectual, physical and or sensory disabilities between the ages of 17 to 65 years.

To access our services you will need to talk to your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Agency (Taikura Trust – Auckland, 09 278 6314 and Disability Support Link – Waikato 07 839 1441)

When you have your Needs Assessment, make sure you tell the assessor that you wish to be referred to Renaissance!

To make the process easier, if you wish to speak to us one to one before contacting the NASC we are happy to come to you, please call 09 250 4346 to make an appointment.


Click here for Auckland referrals

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