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The team at Renaissance are here to support you to strive towards achieving your goals in life. We know it isn’t always easy, and choosing to live in the community can be challenging; but we also know that life is an amazing journey, and people should have the freedom to dream big, take risks, live life their way, and with the right support around you, anything is possible! Renaissance is contracted to the Ministry of Health to deliver Supported Living services in the greater Auckland region and Choices in Community Living in the greater Auckland and Waikato region. We support individuals with intellectual, physical and or sensory disabilities between the ages of 17 to 65 years. Our mission is to help you get the best services and support. Talk to us, we know. And even if we don’t know, we can find out for you.

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Supported Living

Underpinning the Supported living Service is the New Zealand Disability Strategy vision of a “fully inclusive society where people will be integrated into community life on their own terms, their abilities will be valued, their diversity and interdependence will be recognised, and their human rights will be protected”. Supported Living provides individualised support for people with disabilities, enabling them to live in their own home, participate and be included in their community, take control of their lives, and be able to choose their own life path. The supports are designed to be flexible and may decrease or increase as individual […]

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Choices in Community Living

If you were born with a disability, lived at home until you were 16 or 20 and then moved to a residential service, what real choices would you have made? Choices in Community Living (CICL) is an alternative to residential services, and opens up opportunities for disabled people with high needs and their family, to have choice and control about – where they live, who they live with, and how they are supported. The way funding is used under Choices in Community Living allows disabled people and families to make real choices about supports – what they look like, how […]

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Very High Needs Funding

Transition   Inclusion   Development   Education   Vocation Most communities have a wide variety of resources available to assist you, so establishing links into these local networks is an integral part of developing long term connections to strengthen your opportunities to participate in your community. Our  Programs have been designed for disabled individuals to enhance community participation and vocational skills as long term sustainable outcomes. Active Community Participation When you leave school, it is important that you consider all options available in the lead up to successful and fulfilling future.  Positive guidance and advice during this stage of your life are crucial […]

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