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Supported Living

Underpinning the Supported living Service is the New Zealand Disability Strategy vision of a “fully inclusive society where people will be integrated into community life on their own terms, their abilities will be valued, their diversity and interdependence will be recognised, and their human rights will be protected”. Supported Living provides individualised support for people with disabilities, enabling them to live in their own home, participate and be included in their community, take control of their lives, and be able to choose their own life path. The supports are designed to be flexible The supports are designed to be flexible and may decrease or increase as individual needs change.

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Choices in Community Living

Choices in Community Living (CiCL) is an exciting alternative for individuals with high and complex disability needs currently living in a Residential Service. CiCL is designed to give more choice and control to individuals and families around supports and services.

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Very High Needs Funding

Most communities have a wide variety of resources available to assist you, so establishing links into these local networks is an integral part of developing long term connections to strengthen your opportunities to participate in your community.

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Hosted Funding

This is an excellent option for people who want to have control and manage their personal budget under Enabling Good Lives or Choices in Community Living.

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Private Support

At Renaissance Group, we aim to serve. If you have disability support budgets under Enabling Good Lives or Individualised Funding, you can access our range of service options.

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